The thing about Spring

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Spring is here. Outstanding weather in March. The cold and the snows of winter are a distant memory – except when the odd freak storm rolls through and delivers a dusting. A very creative time for me where my output is high and I am making a lot of new things. Energy levels are at max, briefs from my great clients are coming thick and fast and keeping a healthy balance between work and play is a project in itself.

My good friend Jo Lynch over at JOLT sent me a link to a very interesting person this morning. Susan Cain has just published a book called QUIET. I would recommend you have a look at her TED speech. She talks about the power of introverts. Now I am not what I would classify as an introvert but there are some points in her work that resonate deeply with me, namely the business of quietness. It’s something I have come to value very deeply as a creative. I am convinced that I simply cannot be at my best unless I have quietness and stillness – and a lot of it.

Finding quietness in the cacophony of Spring is a challenge but as Susan Cain says at the end of her TED speech, “go to the wilderness”.

No matter if it’s a weekend away – just for stillness – or 10 minutes walking around the garden, literally watching nature grow around me, I highly recommend taking the time to just get away from the “noise” and the “hum” and go to the wilderness.

Be still, listen to the quiet – and don’t forget to breathe 🙂

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