Georgie is an absolute treasure. Not only is she passionate and creative- like any true artist should be- but she’s also highly organized and responsive. The best of both worlds! Georgie effortlessly strikes the balance between being totally professional and also being personally invested in the outcomes she creates for her clients. Her commitment to developing our brand has been invaluable and she has quickly become a sounding board and mentor. Georgie is able to achieve such outstanding results by being an excellent listener- and by asking poignant questions that really get to the heart of your goal, be it building a brand or whipping up a new ad campaign. Her analytical approach allows her to deliver a thoughtful solution that is really made to order. All this and best of all- no ego, which makes her an absolute delight to deal with!

Caitlin Leiweke
Woody’s Surf Shack


Health Warning: More than a graphic designer – contains addictive substance 

Georgie Tolmay’s pictures paint a thousand words and her words paint a thousand pictures. With Miss Tolmay on your team you will gain more than you bargained for. G has mastered the art of communication and the elusive equilibrium of sincerely listening and talking in equal measure. Her unique ability to get to the core of the issue, or the essence of the situation, is fine-tuned. And she makes this journey sweet and effortless!

I have been lucky enough to work with her on a whole bunch of projects and it is immense fun. Georgie wears her passions on her sleeve and she will sweep you away on the creative ride. She will be straight-up and honest, which will in turn, create results that you will be truly proud of.

Georgie understands more than ‘the pretty’. She has a depth of knowledge around the commercial value of good design and how to apply that across many industries and mediums. She is a reliable, organized, passionate good bastard.

Working with Georgie on a project, whether big or small, you’ll find yourself rekindling some of your own passions and feeling mighty proud to be driving your business forward with smart and strategic design. Get Georgie on board and you won’t look back.

 Jo Lynch
Jolt Marketing 


Thank you so much Georgie for the very fine work you have done for us over the years! The knotted grape-vine tendril you designed for our label was inspired and provides our brand with instant recognition!

Estelle Hunt
Bald Hills Vineyard


Georgie Tolmay: Creatively dexterous, unsanctified thinker and tomorrow relevant from conception to execution.

Steve Lindsay

We have worked with Georgie for several years and have found her full of ideas, cost conscious, timely and very easy to work with.  I would recommend her as an ideal partner in any plan to get a product or service to market quickly and with an edge

Hugh Godfrey


Racers Edge is a ski + bike + outdoor store based on the lake front in Wanaka NZ. I first worked with Georgie Tolmay in 2007 during the rebranding process for our store. We took a well known brand name from the NZ ski industry and modernised it recreating its look, feel and brand message. Georgie was also responsible for the home page design and feel for our website. Georgie and I implemented the brand through applying it to stylish designs throughout multiple advertising mediums such as; DLE brochures, DH rackcards, A1 posters, NZ Skier Magazine adverts and Online banner ads. I worked with Georgie from 2007-2011, during this time I can honestly say that she listened and understood what I wanted, her work was of the highest quality, and always presented on time. Georgie is someone who I can generate ideas with, discuss marketing opportunities with, she became a fantastic mentor and is a good friend.

Charles Cochrane
General Manager, Racers Edge Wanaka NZ.

We engaged Georgie Tolmay in 2008 to assist us to launch a new customer-focused, design-led building company in Queenstown, NZ.  Georgie was closely involved in developing the brand and associated brandmarks, the website and the range of print material we required to launch the new business.  What really marked Georgie apart from the others is her ability to think and respond at a strategic level.  At the same time she was able to design a brand that not only reflected the company values but also set us apart from our competitors in a crowded market place.  Within 2 years we were the leading company in our field and have gone on to develop a strong and established market presence.  Georgie’s design and strategic market approach has played a key part in our success.  We have no hesitation in recommending her to others and have done so on a regular basis.

Chris Cereke
Owner / Manager  Vernon Henry Homes


Dear Georgie,

It was such fun working with you for three years in New Zealand.  You were with us from the very concept of our company, and indeed helped us choose the name.  Yes, you delivered what we needed in terms of practical support with documentation and website design, but actually that is only the end point of what you do.  For me, the real experience of working with you was that you understood us, and what we wanted to achieve.  When we were excited about a concept, you were excited about the concept, because you saw what it could mean to our company.  That’s the real difference that makes you unique.

Thanks for all your support and advice.  Miss you.

Dr David Beaumont
Fit for Work


In my role as National Sales Manager with a premium wine brand – Nevis Bluff – it gives me great pleasure to write a few words on the most creative designer I have worked with.

Georgie has been the creative force for Nevis Bluff for over 3 years working on a variety of marketing platforms such as customer loyalty campaigns, web based programs and general day-to-day necessities such as wine tasting notes/newsletters, etc.

Georgie possesses an exceptionally high level of creativity combined with a true flair for design layout, creativity and humour.  Nevis Bluff works with the top restaurants in New Zealand and this who we present the current marketing initiatives.

In collaboration with Nevis Bluff, Georgie has created some fabulous marketing campaigns for our premium wine brand and has created a strong template for how we market our wine. In keeping with current market trends within the highly competitive and ever evolving New Zealand wine industry Georgie has redesigned our logo and wine labels to bring Nevis Bluff alongside and ahead of other similar brands.

During the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Georgie initiated a colourful and clever ‘Little Black Book’ of rugby – full of quotes and sayings, which created a fabulous following for Nevis Bluff and was a trailblazer in the way in which wineries promoted their brand.

Please contact me direct for further information or explore our web site for more of Georgies’ wonderful work.

Julia Spark
National Sales Manager, Nevis Bluff Wines


Georgie is amazing!  My brief to her was interesting but incoherent; she took me in hand.  Her resultant logo design, print advertising and website design (for Alpha Ridge) are sleek, stylish and simply beyond what I could have imagined.  She spins gold.  I commend her, and recommend her to anyone who desires the very best of design. View Project.

Hamish Blenerhassett
Manager Sales and Marketing
Alpha Ridge


Georgie designs the materials for our Talent Development and Leadership Programmes.  When showing these as examples of our work to clients we regularly get ‘Wow, this is fantastic material, how and where did you create it?’ Georgie is great to work with irrespective of the distance, professional at all times and all done with humour and a great understanding of our world!

Tim Raw
Programme Manager
Impact Asia


We have been working with Georgie Tolmay for many years and hold her in very high regard; she is creative, reliable and honest. We are an “artisan” Central Otago winery, with a limited budget, and Georgie was always able to enhance our ideas or present new concepts while being aware of not super-extending our budget.

We wish her well in her new company and will continue to work with her although she is on the other side of the world.

Rudi Bauer
Quartz Reef Wines
Central Otago, New Zealand


It has been my pleasure to work with Georgie Tolmay for the past 9 years as a print provider to Georgie’s companies.

Georgie’s love of great design extends to a passion for leading edge print. Our regular discussions invariably included the question…” Roo, what’s new… in the world of print!?”

Over those years we produced a huge array of print projects together. Without exception, every job was meticulously planned, prepared and designed. Georgie’s careful selection of the appropriate stocks or embellishment allowed us to enter many of her design and print projects into the national Print Awards with consistently successful results.

Andrew Sharpe
Spectrum Print
Christchurch, New Zealand


Georgie Tolmay and her company Cabin Fever contributed significantly to shaping the graphic imagery of the rapidly growing wine industry in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Her label designs and work developing corporate brand imagery have helped to reflect the fresh, young feel of this region as it emerges onto the world scene.

As one of the pioneer wine growers in Central Otago I established two wineries and have been involved in the growth of the industry here over the past 30 years. My own association with Georgie and Cabin Fever is more recent and came about when I launched a small new project six years ago.

Cabin Fever handled all the design work and the creative process involved in developing ideas, typography, images and finished work was relaxed and enjoyable.

Much of this was due to Georgie’s direct and efficient communication skills as well as her design ability. She has always delivered to deadline. I wish her well in her new career in Europe.

Alan Brady
Founder: Gibbston Valley Wines Ltd  |  Mount Edward Wines Ltd  |  Wild Irishman Wines
Director: Felton Road Wines Ltd


We think we were probably some of Georgie’s most challenging clients but she came through for us! Our team is made up of unique and strong-minded individuals, so we knew at the outset that agreeing on a design for our new brand was going to be a challenge. Thank goodness we chose Georgie! She really listened to our feedback, and persevered through numerous re-design requests, so that the end result is one that we are all very happy with! It is enduring and vibrant and really reflects our business.

Sally Battson
Aspiring Medical Centre


Georgie is always great to work with. Her professionalism is second to none and only the best is good enough. She always has the energy and drive to exceed expectations.

Over the past few years it has been a pleasure to work with Georgie on some fantastic initiatives. Her creative talent and ability to see things in a finished form is a pleasure to hear and watch. She has a very safe pair of hands with which to trust something you regard as precious and important.

Georgie has the ability to take a few simple ideas and turn them into something very special whilst ensuring you on the journey with her. I have always valued Georgie’s views and opinions and take them for very serious deliberation. Her years of experience help to make the whole creative approach to design seem effortless. And as we all know – it’s isn’t.

Ross Greenwood
Senior Consultant, Impact International


We had the good fortune to meet Georgie Tolmay and her Cabin Fever crew through our business partners Locations Realty in 2010. New brand development was our requirement at the time. A property management company in Queenstown, New Zealand, we were re-launching the holiday homes segment of our business. We sought a design company that had the smarts and skills to design our Goodstays Queenstown (holiday homes) brand collateral. This task (in short) Georgie and Cabin Fever delivered on time, to budget, with flair and beauty.

What makes anyone better than the rest in their job? Natural intelligence, a willingness to continuously learn and evolve, a knowledge of their core business backed by common sense and practicality. These characteristics epitomise Georgie. Plus she is a very, very fine graphic designer. Proving the point was the next job we gave her, that of refreshing the tired brand of our property management company, Queenstown Accommodation Centre (QAC) and sister business Wanaka Accommodation Centre (WAC).

Where the brief with Goodstays had been to birth something original and breathe life into a new brand, the QAC brief here was breathe equal life and energy into a tired, existing brand. Again, Georgie delivered – all with wit and style, complete professionalism and integrity.

New Zealand lost a diamond in the rough when Georgie migrated to Europe. I would recommend any business or entity, of any size or scale, to employ Georgie and her consummate skills if you have even the slightest need of them. She will add more value than you ever dreamed of. Enjoy – I’m envious.

Glenn Baillie-Price
Director, Queenstown Accommodation Centre + Goodstays Queenstown


I began working with Georgie Tolmay at Cabin Fever in 2003 when she helped us develop our brand and website for our then fledgling food company, Provisions of Central Otago. Throughout the next six years she was intrinsic in the development of new packaging for many new products and helped develop a new brand. It was a great pleasure to work with her not only for her great creative skills and inherent understanding of product branding but also she is great fun to work with.

Georgie is skilful in interpreting her clients ideas and turning them into real, artistic and enduring brands that really stand out in the marketplace. We were extremely lucky to benefit from her wonderful combination of artistic talent, advertising flair and knowledge of international product packaging and branding. If you are looking for professionalism, flair, artistic talent, brilliant ideas and a great wealth of marketing knowledge then I would recommend Georgie Tolmay.

Jane Shaw
Director – Provisions of Central Otago


From our very first meeting, Georgie understood my vision and more importantly understood the steps required to realise that vision. Thank you, for your direction, guidance and encouragement over the last 5 years.

Nick Frame
Release NZ


Some 12 years ago, Georgie Tolmay put her hand up as a new comer to Wanaka NZ to tackle a challenging brief for both our Company Rebranding and our Sport. Her attention to detail is second to none, her flare for design a breath of fresh air. In our opinion her work faultless. A kindred soul, she focuses clearly on the task at hand, committed to achieve outstanding results, no mater what the budget or what challenges may entail. A professional in her league as a designer, who can logically tackle the task at hand in incredibly quick time. After 12 years and many briefs, we miss her dearly, as a friend and a colleague.

Alan & Karin Cameron
permanence and performance in straw bale construction