You win some – you loose some…

This one didn't pan out in the end but I loved this project - working with Simon was fantastic - even though I could not crack it for him. However I am proud of the work and so have posted some of the process. It was a long and winding road with a number of concepts explored - all trying to capture that special NZ / Central Otago magic. I explored a rich sense of texture, using luxurious typography, mixed with illustration or distressed backgrounds.

It's a hard thing for a client to have to say no to your work in the end and go with another creative. Thankfully, for me at least, it's very rare that I just can't make what you want. But you have to be humble and when the time comes you must step back graciously and allow the process to continue - even it's without you. Let the concepts go and move on to other things.

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