I am a Cheeseboard

A big part of being creative is playful and experimental - having fun ceasing on inspiration. On a recent visit, my mum suggested to me that I should make a cheeseboard. Note: we have an abundance of timber here at the farm, and, we needed a cheeseboard. She suggested I should make it in the shape of a mouse. Any opportunity to get into the power tools is as good an excuse as any for me. Hmm.

Didn't really think about how I was going to deal with the tail and in the end I broke off the ears trying to manoeuvre myself to be able to cut the tail. Shit-bugga-rats-and-pant ... or something to that effect.

Not willing to give up and rather enjoying the whole process, I reverted to to a simpler shape, inspired by a little knot in the next piece of timber I selected. The end result was great - a very tactile experience in bringing the piece to completion - and now we have a cheeseboard. Taking orders here. €25 with post and packaging :)

Orders :)






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