Clavicle Attack!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Updates | No Comments

Boring news – I have gone and snapped my clavicle in half in a perfectly stupid accident involving speed – around 0,1kph and short legs on a big motorcycle. The bike went and I went with it. So here I am now stuck with very sore right shoulder not allowed to move  for a month. And it had to be my right arm hey.

What to do? Read? Sure got plenty to do there. Watch videos on YouTube. Not really my scene. Sleep. Don’t worry about that. Got some great pills for that.

Write letters and blog posts. Catch up on twitter. Well one-finger typing, as I have discovered, is frightfully slow and with my left hand – even worse.

Anyway the good news is that today I got some of my right hand back after being fitted with a different brace. Yay!!!

So I can work but just a bit slower than usual. I have always loved my right hand but now I love it even more!

Just added some new material to the portfolio.

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