Never try and “tell” yourself that the boots fit

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I did a ski touring / photo course this weekend. However, the photographer was ill (didn’t show) so I can’t say I learned much about the photography side of things – except how to carry heavy kit around for miles on end of UP, sporting some seriously vile blisters on my poor feet. I conclude that my boots are too small and I should add that I have always know it. But I wanted them and so I “sold” them to myself. I got blisters in a bad place to get blisters – in a remote Alpine valley in Switzerland where you have no choice but to keep bloody walking if you want to get home.

How often in business, as in life, do we make choices not because they are necessarily the right ones but because we were emotionally wedded to that choice from the beginning and as hard as we might try to make the boots “fit”, they never do? All that lands up happening is that you get yourself a lot of pain, you hold back everyone else on your team and you don’t get any real satisfaction from anything that is associated with that choice.

Except in this particular case, sheer bloody-mindedness made me get up at 4-ish in the morning and hike to catch the sunrise with the camera gear. Blisters, biting mean winds and a long way to walk home…

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